Monday, 29 June 2009

Darwinius Masillae

Gouache on paper A3

This little creature is a primate from the Eocene epoch. There is only one known fossil discovered in 1983 at the Messel Pit in Germany.It's believed by many to be a significant link between anthropoid primate lineages.

I've placed her in her native tropical rainforest (said to cover the Messel Pit area 47 mya). The scene depicts daytime feeding, although her large eye sockets may suggest that she was nocturnal. (But there's no fabulous colours to paint in a night time scene!)

Monday, 15 June 2009


Gouache on paper A3

Just a small fella in Pterosaur terms. Dimorphodon, as the name suggests had two types of teeth and is thought to have lived on the coast and also in woodland near rivers and lakes. Although the shape of the teeth suggest that Dimorphodon would have eaten fish I have depicted him as an opportunist feeder - Snapping up insects on the wing as a snack before a breakfast of fish and small amphibians .Mmmm.