Sunday, 8 November 2009

Cetiosaurus oxoniensis - The Herd

These two sections belong to one whole- annoyingly, I can't scan the whole thing or piece it together in potoshop without a seam appearing in the picture.

A local jurassic dinosaur herd depicted here. Remains of Cetiosaurs have been found in Oxfordshire England and can be seen in the Oxford University's Natural History Museum.

This painting was constructed for the ARTevolved sauropod gallery. Check it out for more gigantic beasts.


  1. I have a specific panarama that can probably do the trick putting this piece together without a visible seam or stitch. However I need another scan of the middle where the two sections connect (as my attempt with the two parts I have access too didn't quite work...). My program needs some overlap to recognize where to connect things.

    If do make this scan, please also try to make the scan about the same size as the first two, as my program is very fussy about the pictures it is combining being the exact same size (I can fix it to exact size in photoshop, but I need it close in the beginning).

    Hope to help get this one back together!

  2. Many, many thanks Traumador. I'll email it over in the morning. What would I do without my small soft dinosaur and his owner?!

  3. Probably lead an ordinary life... but who wants one of those anyways ;P

  4. If you can not be kind, at least have the decency to be vague. ....................................................